The Best Cordless Outdoor Power Tool Systems

The power and runtime of cordless power equipment is increasing rapidly. You no longer have to worry about running out of juice when landscaping your yard. However, choosing an outdoor power tools system can be confusing.

If you invest in a Milwaukee, Mokita, Ryobi or Dewalt battery platform, the same battery that powers your cordless drill will run your blower with outdoor equipment. To guide you to choose the best outdoor power equipment for your yard Use.


DeWalt Flexvolt System

DeWalt launched the FlexVolt power tools platform last year as a great compliment and is now expanding the system to include a 60V Max chainsaw, handheld blower and string trimmer.These devices are designed for residential and commercial construction professionals, and like the rest of the FlexVault system, the batteries are compatible with DeWalt’s 20V Max system on the back where there are more than 100 products.

We worked fast on an old stump with chainsaws, so this system is a great alternative to gas power. If you’ve got a large irregular yard and have previously purchased equipment at DeWalt families, FlexVault can be a great solution.

Makita 36V system

Leaving two of the 18 batteries for use in one tool to build 36 platforms, the two Macita gain extra power and runtime. They recently introduced a 36V cordless chainsaw with an external rotor brushless motor and direct drive system that favorably compares to the Dewalt’s Flexvolt. Makita’s cordless OPE line-up also includes two blowers, a hedge trimmer, grass glass and two more chains. Lots of tools to choose from for those who want to expand into their current 18V Makita system.

The ego system

Ahom Mao Senior Home Editor Roy Berendsohan has exceeded expectations and their 56V outdoor power equipment lineup still impresses. The company is fully focused on producing cordless outdoor power equipment around their 56V battery which is available in 5 different AMP hour configurationsThey have 20V, 40V, 60V and 80V outdoor power tools designed for the smallest commercial lots to the smallest patios. With Ego you will find lots of choices to find your ideal outdoor power equipment requirements. They’ve got a snow blower for your winter needs.

GreenWorks Outdoor Power Equipment

Green Works is powered by producing outdoor power equipment that has zero impact on the environment. They have 20V, 40V, 60V and 80V outdoor power equipment designed for the smallest patios from the lowest commercial lot. Their full four-year warranty provides some comfort when investing in one of the best available and high-powered equipment.