Parenting Support – How to Help Your Children Prevent Mental Illnesses

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I’ve cured many of us who suffered from terrible mental illnesses through dream interpretation. After seeing how terrible mental illnesses are, I concentrated my attention on craziness prevention. I saw that I had to first of all help everyone find happiness in life before they get trapped in horrible situations and that they become unsound.

Mental illnesses are invincible. There’s nothing worse than affected by mental disease.

I claim that I can cure all mental illnesses because I obey the unconscious guidance in dreams. Only the wise unconscious knows the way to eliminate absurdity because the unconscious is God’s mind. The extraordinary unconscious wisdom proves God’s existence.

Only God can cure horrible mental illnesses. Human doctors aren’t ready to really cure any mental illness; albeit sometimes they assist their patients somehow to deal with their psychological problems.

This happens because there’s an excessive amount of craziness concentrated within the human brain. The most important part of our brain belongs to our anti-conscience, the wild and evil side of our conscience that did not evolve like our human side.

In other words, without having the vision given by the unconscious in dream messages, there’s no way citizenry could also be ready to eliminate the craziness existent within the biggest part of their patients’ brains. There’s an excessive amount of absurdity within the human mind. Nobody can eliminate such a lot of absurdity without understanding how the human brain works.

We indispensably need the vision given to us by the divine unconscious that produces our dreams so as to save lots of us from craziness and terror. We are under-developed primates. This is often why we are destroying our planet with our wars and crimes. We’d like psychotherapy.

If you’re a parent, you want to be the primary one to significantly study the dream language. This is often the sole way you’ll be ready to help your children prevent all mental illnesses before becoming teenagers and adults once they will tend to be controlled by their anti-conscience most of the time.

Your dreams are the simplest tools you’ve got at your disposal. When the whole world will recognize the importance of the dream messages, dream interpretation consistent with the methodology is going to be taught all together in schools.

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