How to Maintain a New Car

Good afternoon. My name is Tom Burns, a certified master mechanic from Redding, Pennsylvania. We want to talk about how to maintain your new car. When you buy a new vehicle. A lot of times, the dealerships that you pick it up at wool, will go over and, and schedule ahead of time your routine maintenance. However if you’re not sure and they skip this process when you buy it, all your owner’s manuals have a section in the back. Your schedule maintenance and how to keep up with you, your new vehicle. They have a specific section in here as the one you get your oil changed when you get the tires rotated.

Keep your oil changed at least every 5,000 miles. Every 15, 10, 15,000 miles, you want to check your air filters, your fuel filters, your belts, and your hoses. The biggest thing is to get your oil changed routinely. Make sure your tires rotated at least every other oil change. That’s about all the risks to it. The other specific specialties that you need to do special maintenance your dealership should be able to. I mentioned that when you buy your vehicle and if you have any questions, give them a call. They’re more than willing to sit down and talk to you about how to maintain your vehicle. But the biggest thing is to keep your all changed regularly. Keep your, your filters up regularly and just make sure your overall maintenance is done, your belts, your hoses and all that stuff every 10, 15,000 miles.