How to Clean a Baby Car Seat

Hi, I’m Erica, I’m in Atlanta, Georgia and I’m going to talk to you today about how to clean a baby car seat. All car seats are different. So the way it’s hooked up and the way that it’s put together can be a little bit different, but usually, it’s pretty much the same procedure. What you’re going to have to do is actually take the straps off. The little mechanism right here, most car seats have these, but if not, it’s pretty simple. You go ahead and take the straps off cause you will need to wash the straps in the washer separately. Once you unhooked that, you can actually pull the straps out to come out really easily.

You can also take these off also. And then usually the car seat fabric is held in by these little prongs. And what you need to do is just get a pair of pliers and just pinch the inside and just pushed it out. And you’re going to do that for all of these. You’re going to take all of them off. Once you take your fabric off, you can wash it in the washing machine. Usually on the cord cycle called the gentle cycle. You can use spray and wash off their only steams or if the child spilled anything on the actual chair. And then once you’ve taken it off on the plastic part, you can use, I’m just soap and water or you can actually spread us infected on it and just wipe it down.