How to Choose the Best Company to Sell Tradelines With

There are tremendous opportunities to get involved in the tradeline industry as a credit partner. A credit partner is someone who sells the right to be temporarily added to their credit cards as an authorized user (AU) for someone else. AU stays on the credit card for two months and is then removed. The credit partner receives a commission for each authorized user involved. In this article we talk about how to choose best company to sell tradelines.

As a potential credit partner, the next step once you decide to sell your tradeline is choosing which tradeline company you want to work with. Your guide is designed to provide you with the information you need when choosing a tradeline company.

Selling sales as a credit partner, your main purpose is simple: to make as much money as possible while being as secure as possible. However, when compared to tradeline companies, it seems not so easy. It is important for you to know the industry well so that you can make the best decisions. While you may think that the best strategy is to look for the highest commission, there is much more to it than that.

How Much Money Can I Make  Sell Tradelines?

Commissions are obviously important things, but they are not everything.

For example, if you sign up with the highest paying company, they only send you four orders per year, but you don’t maximize your chances. More importantly, if you sign up with a company to sell a tradeline and your card closes after six months, you not only increase your chances of earning, you may also lose a valuable card that is important to your credit or finances.

These two final examples also include all the possibilities such as when your card closes after 18 months and your card may not close at all with any other company.

Are There Risks With Selling Tradelines?

This is a great question to ask any organization you are considering, mainly just to see if they answer it honestly. Our answer to this question is yes. However, you must have some risk in anything. Success or failure often flies in favor of how to manage and reduce risk.

Such as, buying anything on the Internet involves risk. Even after you use your credit card to buy something at the grocery store, a record of your credit card number is left behind. Credit bears are hacked and everyone’s social security number is now for sale on the black market. These things happen. However, if you are aware and vigilant to protect yourself, it is not a big threat to your life.

How do you verify the identity of your customers?

The most common social security verification services are usually available through sellers who receive their data from credit bureaus. However, Credit Bureaus dislikes any organization related to the credit repair industry, especially tradeline companies, so it is impossible to get an account with any company that resells this information as a service.

Some of the “highly recommended” tradeline companies describe the verification process as incompletely verifying something. “Like most credit card companies, we have a background in it that tests it.” It is strictly forbidden for any vendor to work with any company involved in the repair sector. Therefore, this statement must either be false or they can access that information in the name of another company. Misinformation can be given about what is happening behind the scenes.