Home fire and smoke detector alarms

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For home fire safety measures, they found nothing better than smoke detectors. If there is any smoke or vapor in a room, it responds to elico. There are different types of smoke detectors: optical, interconnected, ionizing, main, or battery. Smoke detectors were born in the ’40s, it is the best way to protect yourself from fire.

At the first sign of a smoke fire, smoke detector alarms allow residents to autonomously control the onset of the fire or escape on time.

Only 1% of French homes are equipped with smoke detectors (for example, in 98% of Norwegian households).

In France, a local experiment in the Dubs-Sevres and Ile-et-Villain departments since 1999 has been the use of 400 smoke detector alarm to equip public housing. After 5 years of observation, these devices have demonstrated their effectiveness, including 10 by the category of fatal home fire risk.

Studies in the United States have found that the risk of accidents is reduced by half.

If fire victims are warned and how to respond to the fire, they can avoid most home fires.

smoke detector alarm when smoke is created in a house. It can therefore warn occupants of a home when the fire enables them to control the onset of the fire or flee without being affected by the smoke, thus significantly reducing the death rate.

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After all, autonomous detectors smoke alarms are the only way to escape the horrors of night fires, especially of killers (responsible for 70% of deaths in house fires). Don’t believe that the presence of smoke will wake you up. In fact, it contains carbon monoxide (CO) which allows you to sleep more intensively.