Everything You Should Know About Online Faxing

Online fax is the easiest way to send an urgent document anywhere in the world.  You can use your computer or mobile device to send a fax from any application you’re using: Facebook ®, Quicken®, or just about anything else. Online fax lets you focus on what’s important – getting your message out without worrying about complicated procedures or expensive paper wasted sending duplicates.

You don’t have to be tied to your desk

Fax online from the comfort of your home or office. No more running around trying to find a fax number for your customers. Online fax lets you get documents where they need to go when it needs to be there – fast. It’s perfect for situations like:

Shipping invoices and orders by e-mail doesn’t make sense, because it takes too long for the buyer to process the document and approve the payment. And who wants their customer to get billed repeatedly? Sending an invoice by email is not secure; anyone can intercept that information, potentially costing your business thousands! 

Most online services charge per page or require you to sign up for unreasonable monthly service fees. Faxing provides greater security than sending sensitive documents like emails or uploading them on insecure cloud storage sites. With online fax, all you need to know is the recipient’s fax number, and you’re good to go.

Fully compatible with any fax machine

Upload your documents using the WIFI or 3G network of your office, home, or mobile device. No computer required! It’s even easier if you have a WIFI printer, just send us your documents through a web browser in complete security. Think about how convenient it could be: never having to fill out those annoying paper forms again when you get a new doctor or dentist! 

Think about receiving an invoice for services provided by your business partner without having to wait weeks before getting paid… we can help make that happen! Fax online from anywhere on any device because everything is done securely over the Internet. Nowadays, you can send your faxes anywhere in the world from any location with high-quality service and without any additional charges!

Online Faxing: Faster & cheaper than email

 Do you know how it feels to track down your clients for payment and get paid faster? How about getting the customer’s attention when there are hundreds of emails in their inbox? When you send a fax, their machines will print out your documents right away, so they understand that if they don’t pay or reply, there could be legal consequences.

It’s proven more cost-effective! Use online fax instead of sending an email because you can reach more people at once and deliver information directly to them via thermal printing technology.


With an online fax service, you can send and receive faxes through an online account, which contains all the papers sent or received.  You can print your documents using thermal printers at low cost and with high-quality printing, just like a regular fax machine.