Wireless smoke detectors protect your family and property

Halo Smart Labs is folding and your smart smoke alarm will soon turn dumb -  CNET

Wireless smoke detectors can be easily installed throughout the house without the help of an electronic artist. There is no need to rebuild to install this interconnected smart smoke detector throughout the house.

Putting them together provides additional protection for smoke and fire detection, as all other alarms in the house are activated simultaneously when an alarm is activated in a place where smoke can be detected. This enables everyone in the house to survive the potential dangers of fire wherever they are. Strategically placed in appropriate locations throughout the home, you have the added protection of a complete fire detection system.

An additional feature of using interconnected wireless smoke detectors is that they can be connected to isolated garages, sheds and workshops such as remote locations that are not directly connected to the home structure. Even if you add additions like sun rooms or extra bedrooms, it’s easy to expand the coverage by adding extra units. This way you cover the entire room and extend the fire protection system throughout the property.

If you have an existing home that does not have a fire protection system, using an interconnected wireless smoke detector is a cheap way to get added protection. These powered batteries can ensure protection in the absence of electrical power.

The average battery life is one year. Although batteries can be long lasting, it is advisable to replace your AA batteries once or twice a year. If your home is wired, another consideration is to install an AC power battery backup system. You can also integrate your wireless smart smoke detector system with a hardware system to create the ultimate fire protection system. This is especially effective if you have a mechanical workshop or other energy use hobby.

Short-term power outages can be supplemented with 9-volt battery emergency protection systems. Ask your local hardware or home improvement department about how to install these options.

Most wireless smoke detectors emit a standard 85 decibel alarm that can easily wake sleeping adults when placed outside the bedroom door.

Below are some facts you should know:

  • Most smoke detectors have a “smart touch button”. This is useful for testing the functionality of an interconnected wireless alarm system and for temporarily turning off a chipping alarm that is caused by low battery power or mutes an intrusion alarm.
Halo Smart Labs is folding and your smart smoke alarm will soon turn dumb -  CNET
  • When the alarm beeps you may notice a “red LED” flashing. This is a visual signal that an alarm has been activated on the system. It can also signal a system error or low battery in one of the interconnected alarms.
  • A “green LED” usually indicates which alarm was first activated or other problems in the system that you should check immediately.
  • Wireless smart smoke detectors have a life of about ten years and you will see an indicator that warns you that the unit needs to be replaced.
  • When batteries need to be replaced, not replaced on a scheduled basis, you will feel the nuisance chip and flashing LEDs.